Friday, September 3, 2010

Vampire love in the closet

Here's a confession for you:  I'm a Twilight fan. 

I know...the shame.  But I can't help it.  I started reading the series before they made the movies.  The first book was a gift from my brother ("I know you like vampire stories..."), and then I was hooked.  I've since re-read the entire saga, and I'll admit I enjoyed it equally the second time.  To be humiliatingly honest, I'll even admit I was pretty bummed out when I was done.  What would serve as my indulgent escape from reality now?  It's totally embarrassing, but I don't care...I can't get enough.

Now here's another confession: a dirty little secret that's not mine to tell.  My husband is a fan too - almost as much as I am, but I'm assuming without the Edward dreams.  At first he just watched the movies with me, rolling his eyes and pretending not to like them.  But after watching New Moon (the second part of the series for those who don't know), he was eager to find out what happened next and so started reading my copy of Eclipse.  He was completely absorbed.  Baby screaming, phone ringing, me nagging - he didn't hear any of it.  Let me just clarify that my husband is not a reader - I don't think I've seen him finish a book the entire time I've known him.

So one day my brother comes by and sees one of the books sitting on the counter and says to me with disgust, "Oh god, don't tell me you're reading Twilight..." (My brother is opposed to anything mainstream).  I glanced up in time to see a look of horrified panic flicker across my husband's face as he waited to see if I would blurt out to my brother that he was the one reading it.  I can just imagine the dread he must have felt at the thought of being outed, especially to a Twilight hater like my little bro.  Don't worry love, I thought to myself, your secret's safe with me.  So I kept quiet and smugly reminded my brother that he bought me the book, which he tried to deny at first but then quickly blamed the sales girl for suggesting it to him.  My hubby shot me the most relieved and grateful look ever.

I guess neither of us are ready to reveal our love of a phenomenon marketed to teeny-boppers.  Alas, closet Twilight fans we shall remain.

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