Friday, October 1, 2010

What, no gifts?

I had the dreaded Christmas dream last night.  You know the one - perhaps you've had it too - where it's Christmas Eve and you suddenly realize that you haven't bought any gifts yet.  You're filled with a sense of guilt and dread, and it becomes a frantic rush to try and get to the store, but you can't seem to get there because weird, random shit keeps happening to keep you from being able to leave the house.  So the stress and anxiety just builds and builds until you finally wake up, all sweaty and tense.  With a wave a relief you realize it was just a dream, but you have a tension headache anyway.

Like that could ever happen, that you just forget to buy gifts.  There's no way the advertising industry would let that happen.  It's barely October and the Christmas crap is already competing with the Halloween crap in the stores.  It's maddening.

But let's just say it did happen for some reason.  You just showed up at the family functions and holiday parties empty handed.  What would happen?  Would people me mad, annoyed?  Or would they totally understand, wishing that they, too, had forgotten to buy presents?  Does anyone really care about all the gifts, aside from the children?  I'd sooner see my loved ones spend their money on themselves than buy me another gift that, lets face it, I probably don't want or need.  Maybe we need to rethink things a little.

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas:  the food, the decorations, the time with family and friends, the magic warmth of your home around the holidays.  I love it.  But I could seriously do without the hectic last minute trips to Walmart.  I'm just sayin'.

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